What is the cost of a midwife?

Fee for Midwifery Care for Home Birth

  • A full schedule of prenatal visits with the midwife- as many as you need.
  • Attendance by a primary midwife at your labor & birth.
  • Use of a birth pool.
  • At least 3 postpartum visits (more if necessary).
  • Use of the lending library.
  • Unlimited phone availability of the midwife

Billing and Insurance

We are setup for insurance billing with Larsen Billing. If you plan to use insurance, you will pay the deposit of $1000 and fill out the form for Larsen to do a verification of benefits(VOB). Cost for the VOB (for each form of insurance if you have more than one) is $20. The VOB will tell us if you need to make additional payments during the prenatal care or if we can expect payment from insurance to pay the remainder of your fee. Payment can also be accepted in the form of cash, check, or paypal.

We offer different payment plans and schedules to cover your midwife costs.

A deposit in the amount of $1000 is due by the second visit with at least half ($500) due at the first visit and the remaining part of the deposit due no later than the second visit. The remainder of theĀ fee may be paid in lump sums of any amount arranged in the payment plan. We ask that the fee be paid in full by 36 weeks of pregnancy.

The fee does not include any incidental fees which may occur such as:

  • parking fees/tickets directly incurred during your care
  • herbs/supplements/vitamins
  • birth supplies
  • doctor fees
  • lab work
  • ultrasound
  • medications your doctor may advise you to have
  • transport by ambulance
  • hospital fees

Lab fees will be billed at cost or if you have insurance, you may choose to have the lab bill your insurance and you directly.

Transfer of care prior to term

If any abnormal conditions arise during the prenatal period necessitating the termination of these services before the onset of labor and before the 37th gestational week or if a client chooses to transfer care prior to the 37th week of pregnancy as determined by the midwife, the fee will be prorated based upon the length of pregnancy and services provided, as follows:

  • Initial visit – $750
  • Additional prenatal visits – $100 per visit
  • Supplies and lab charges – Actual cost

In the event of transport during labor

The package fee will remain the same should the need arise to transport you to a hospital at some point during your labor or immediate postpartum. If this occurs, your midwife will continue to offer support and will remain with you through whatever situation develops. She will continue with postpartum care following your discharge home. This support and advocacy at the hospital can be very valuable, and having an experienced person there whom you can trust makes the experience much more comfortable.

Finally, I remind you that money should not be the deciding factor in whether to have an at home birth, using the services of a midwife. Your belief in and commitment to home birth, as well as your sense of your care provider’s commitment to you and to responsible childbearing and health care, should form the basis of your decision to work with her.